Pandora Bracelet
Pandora Bracelet

9 Choices of the Latest Beautiful Pandora Bracelets and Their Prices

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Pandora brand bracelets is one of pandora jewelry that are very popular and has many fans. With hundreds of models available, you are certainly free to choose the one that suits your taste and style. Try to see the row of Pandora bracelet collections below, maybe there are some that you don’t have and of course you can collect them immediately.

Pandora Bracelet for Supporting Appearance

1. Pandora bracelet
1. Pandora bracelet | source :

Women and fashion are two things that cannot be separated. Without a fashionable appearance, a woman may not be confident to socialize. Things related to appearance are not only about clothes and makeup, but also various accessories such as bracelets.

If you are a woman who has never been separated from a bracelet, of course you have known or even used Pandora Bracelets. Pandora is a Danish jewelry brand that is famous for its charm bracelet products (pandora charm bracelet). As you know that Pandora bracelets are loved by women all over the world. Pandora products are usually made of gold or silver and have a variety of design choices. Pandora also has hundreds of models of charms or ornaments on bracelets that can be adjusted to your taste.

Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Bracelet to Look Fashionable and Sexy

2. Various Pandora bracelets
2. Various Pandora bracelets | Source :

Choosing a bracelet as an accessory cannot be arbitrary. There are several things that must be considered. Come on, just Take a Look !

Pay Attention To Hand Size

3. pandora bracelet size
3. pandora bracelet size | sources :

Pay attention to the size of your hand when choosing a bracelet. Pandora bracelet sizes that are too large are easily removed from the hands. Conversely, a bracelet that is too tight will look inappropriate and make your hands hurt. For that, try first before buying. If you buy online, first check the size of the bracelet you want to buy.

Pay Attention To The Clothing Model

4. pandora bracelet and fashion
4. pandora bracelet and fashion | source :

Clothing can also influence bracelet selection. Large, thick bracelets and a bustling model will sweeten your appearance if you wear a short or sleeveless shirt. Bracelets that have a lively or sparkling model and look striking will be more harmonious with plain clothing. But if the clothes you wear have sleeves with lively detail, wear a simple and plain model bracelet. For those of you who wear headscarves or wear clothes with long sleeves, a simple bracelet will look more compatible with your appearance.

Consider The Use Of Watches

5. pandora bracelet and watch
5. pandora bracelet and watch | source :

It’s good not to wear a watch when wearing a bracelet. However, if you are accustomed to using a watch and finding a small bracelet that matches the clothes you wear, you can just wear both. Don’t wear it on the same wrist because this will make the bracelet and watch appear to be scrambling for attention. Wear both on different wrists.

9 Beautiful Pandora Bracelets That Can Be Your Reference

Never used a Original Pandora bracelet? Or are you currently hunting for Pandora bracelets? For you, we have recommendations for various New Pandora bracelets that can be selected and the place to look for them. All created by the best pandora bracelet designer.

Sparkling Heart, Clear CZ

Sparkling Heart, Clear CZ
Sparkling Heart, Clear CZ | source :

Want to try the Sparkling Heart Clear CZ Bracelet 590743CZ? You can buy a beautiful bracelet made from sterling silver at a price of $ 69.63 or RM 285.03 . You can buy it on or If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can look for it at the Pandora outlet.

In the same place, you can also buy Sparkling Heart, Clear CZ 590743CZ. Made of sterling silver material which is equipped with stone cubic zirconia decorations. The model is a snake chain and looks very sweet and unique. You can buy at a price of $ 70.21 or RM 287.40.

Leather Charm Bracelet

Leather Charm Bracelet
Leather Charm Bracelet | source :

Take a walk to Pandora’s outlets in Malaysia or visit the website, you can find Pandora bracelets made of leather. Like Silver Leather Bracelet Single S3 for example. With the addition of pendulum or eye bracelet and barrel-shaped hook made of silver, it can make your character more visible. The price is $ 31.27 or RM 128.

Also find Black Single Leather Woven Cord Charm Bracelet 590705CBK-S. This Thai-made black bracelet is also made of sterling silver material and is suitable for a casual look. You can get it at a price of $ 48.53 or RM 198.66.

There is also a Pandora Double Leather Bracelet in Turquise Color Mix D1-Silver which has quite expensive prices, namely $ 103.02 or RM 421.71. This is because the appearance of the bracelet looks soft as well as luxurious with a blue stripe motif. Also equipped with fasteners made of sterling silver. You can buy this bracelet at Lazada.

Open Bangle

open bangle
open bangle | source :

Here comes the famous Pandora bracelet and the classic model. Open Bangle Bracelet is a bracelet made of silver with an open bangle model. There are carved Pandora logos with two plugs that have silicone grips. The price is $ 70.21 or RM 287.40 if you buy it on the website.

Don’t miss the Authentic Pandora Open Bangle Bracelet. The price is quite expensive, around $ 119.46 or RM 489.01. A pretty decent price for a sparkling silver bracelet and decorated with cubic zirconia which can make your appearance look expensive and elegant. You can get it on or

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet


The Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets come with a classic snake chain model. Elegant nuances are increasingly felt with the sparkling stone lid decoration. You can get it at at a price of $ 60.85 or RM 249.09

You can also use Pandora Bangle Sterling Silver at a price of $ 60.24 or RM 246.59. This bracelet that can be purchased at comes with an authentic model. There is a bead clasp with the Pandora logo. Simple but cool.

There is also a Pandora Silver Bangle bracelet. This bracelet comes with a clasp that has a Pandora carving on the top. The model is elegant and charming. So it’s no wonder if it’s sold at $ 86.43 or RM 353.80 on

Sparkling Bow, Clear CZ

Sparkling Bow, Clear CZ
Sparkling Bow, Clear CZ | source :

If you are a fashion lover, you will definitely love this Bow Silver Bangle with Clear CZ. Very trendy with a sweet ribbon decoration. Even though it is priced at $ 160.92 or RM 658.73, it can make your appearance more elegant combined with other appropriate accessories. This bracelet can be bought at

Another one that is no less beautiful is Sparkling Bow, Clear CZ 590536CZ. This bracelet is made of silver with a strappy bow decoration that is furnished with beautiful stones. The price is $ 117 or RM 478.94. Please buy at

Not to forget also Authentic Pandora Silver Bracelet Sparkling Bow Bangle bracelet. This is a beautiful handmade accessory with a beauty theme so it’s also beautiful to perfect your appearance. You can buy this silver bracelet at a price of $ 70.20 or RM 287.36 on

Radiant Hearts of PANDORA, Bright Mint Enamel & Clear CZ

Radiant Hearts of PANDORA, Bright Mint Enamel & Clear CZ
Radiant Hearts of PANDORA, Bright Mint Enamel & Clear CZ | source :

Silver Bangle with Mint Enamel and Clear CZ are silver bracelets with sparkling stones. This bracelet can make your appearance look very elegant. This is why the price reaches $ 101.89 or RM 417.09. You can buy it at

Also buy a Radiant Hearts of Pandora Bangle bracelet decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia. Coupled with soft green enamel panels to be the perfect blend to create a graceful impression of the wearer. You can buy it for around $ 77.30 or RM 316.43 at

Timeless Elegance Bangle


Timeless Elegance Bangle is a silver bracelet that has a classic style. With sparkling cubic zirconia decorations, this bracelet is valued at around $ 91.35 or RM 373.94. You can buy it at

There is also an Authentic Pandora Timeless Elegance Bangle that you can buy at a price of $ 105.41 or RM 431.50 on and a charming silver bracelet Timeless Elegance Bangle Bracelet that can be purchased for around $ 91.35 or RM 373.94 at com.

Iconic Silver Charm Bracelet

Iconic Silver Charm Bracelet
Iconic Silver Charm Bracelet | source :

Here is the most popular Pandora bracelet, Pandora Silver Bracelet. It has a barrel buckle of sterling silver material that not only dazzles, but also makes your hands safe. that is why on this bracelet is priced at $ 86.43 or RM 353.80.

A bracelet that is no less fascinating is Pandora Iconic 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with a size of about 18 cm long. This bracelet with sterling silver material can be bought at for around $ 91.35 or RM 373.94.

Smooth Silver Clasp Bracelet


Smooth Silver Clasp Bracelet comes with an elegant yet simple appearance. This snake chain bracelet has a charm that cannot be avoided. You can buy it for around $ 60.43 or RM 247.37 at

You can also choose Snake Chain Silver with Round Clasp. The price reaches $ $ 86.43 or RM 353.80. This snake-shaped chain bracelet has clips with a silicone base and an elegant and smooth model. You can get it at

Thus the discussion about Pandora bracelets and pandora bracelet price that Fesyen Update can present. Thank you and hope this article is useful for all of you.

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