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Wedding Rings

 11 Tips You Should Know Before Buy WEDDING RINGs

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 11 To Get The Very Best Wedding Rings


The choice of ring model affects the overall beauty of the ring when It worn. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to the choice of ring diamond eyes, the choice of ring frame models is equally important.

  1. Narrow Your Choices

Make a list of questions for you and your partner about The Best Wedding Rings before looking at the available collections. You can start with questions such as the type of metal you want, a model that is simple, unique or luxurious, to whether you both want ornaments such as diamonds or gemstones on the ring frame. A list of questions like this will help you and the person eliminating and pursing choices.

  1. Consider Buying a Engagement Ring And A Wedding Rings At The Same Time

If you already have an engagement rings, this method does not apply. However, knowing the ring model that fits your engagement ring will be very helpful in making decisions. For example, a fiance ring with a unique pear-shaped diamond must be combined with a simple and not excited wedding rings model. For example, combining solitaire fiance rings with wedding rings entwined with small diamonds.

  1. Start your search early

When you have a basic idea about the choice of a wedding rings, it’s time to try to spend at least two or three months to search before your wedding date. Compare prices and look back at the collection of rings that interest you and your partner. Especially if you want to design your own wedding ring, or add engraving. Usually this will take up to a month or more.

  1. Mix It Up!

You and your partner may have a choice of different metals for your best wedding rings frame. Don’t worry about the difference. On the contrary, this can help make the ring feel more personal. You can ask for an example of a wedding rings collection that combines two different types of metal, for example the white gold braided bands ring with yellow gold accents. Or, You and she can wear a wedding rings with different types of metal according to taste but by looking for harmonious aspects between each other, such as adding the same carving or fit one another.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Prepare 3% of the wedding budget as your wedding rings budget. Compare the price of a simple ring frame and the price of a ring that has been given certain details. Modifying rings according to taste, such as adding carvings or installing diamonds, will certainly cost more. You can get simple wedding rings that suit to you but meaningfull if you consider it carefully.

  1. Remember Your Lifestyle

Avoid wasting your money to buy beautiful wedding rings, expensive but not comfortable to wear or have to be released frequently because of the demands of activity. Remember this important thing: You will wear the ring every day, so choose a wedding rings that can be part of your lifestyle. You and your partner can choose a ring model that is commonly called a slim comfort fit with rounded sides. Rings with solid metal types without embellished gemstones or intricate carvings will be comfortable to wear when doing something that always uses hands like cooking. While the type of platinum metal is suitable for those who are super active because of their durability, especially from scratches.

  1. Don’t Rush When Choosing

Maybe you are interested and want to buy a type of braided rose gold ring or diamond eternity band, but it’s good when looking at rings with other models. Talk to jewelry experts and let them give advice according to your preferences. Also remember that comfort is important. Try wearing a ring for a few moments, then use it to write or type as a comfort test.

  1. Thinking for Long Term

Besides being trendy, you need to make sure that your chosen wedding rings can be used for decades, still comfortable and suitable for all types of activities such as meetings, social activities and others. However, don’t be too dizzy because you always have time to upgrade the weddings ring later.

  1. Calculate About Maintenance Problems

Try to manage the problem of jewelry care is very important. Moreover, the wedding rings is a ring that will be worn every day. Choose a model and type of metal by way of daily care that is easy to do yourself like a gold ring.

  1. Determine The Size Correctly

The use of a marriage ring tends to be continuous; from season one to another season, during pregnancy, at work, when the body temperature is hot, cold and when sweating. Choose the final fitting time when you are calm and your body temperature is normal. This means you cannot do it in the morning, or after exercise and when your body temperature is hot or cold.

You also remember that the size of rings are totally different between men and women. Wedding rings for women commonly have smaller size that men’s. It is your duty to determine whether you will customize it (custom wedding rings) or just buy what is available on market.

  1. Check Their Quality

Quality checks not only apply to wedding rings but also all types of rings. Make sure the ring you choose has at least two marks inside: ring markers and quality marks such as PLAT or 24 K.


Metals used in wedding rings, generally can be selected according to the wishes of the couple who will marry. Some metals that you can choose for wedding rings are gold, platinum, silver, titanium or palladium. Well, every metal has its own advantages and disadvantages.


gold wedding rings
gold wedding rings

You need to know that gold is one type of metal that is most often used for wedding rings. Gold with 14 carats and 18 carats is a common used for wedding rings. the higher carats, the more pure gold on the ring and the price will be even more expensive.

The gold metal consists of several colors, namely yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. White gold has more fans than the other two colors. However, if you want to use white gold, it is better to coat it with rhodium to get a shiny, more durable white. from those various types of gold above you can have a beautiful gold wedding ring.



Platinum is the most expensive white metal compared to other metals. In addition, platinum does not need to use rhodium anymore, because it already has a beautiful white color. When you use platinum for a wedding ring, the platinum used will be 100% without any metal mixture. So, the ring will look a little heavy and very full. Not only that, platinum has a very long resistance.



Silver is included in soft metals that are prone to scratches and tend to be easily damaged. Because it is soft and tends to be at risk of being oxidized, where silver can turn gray or sometimes black. This is what makes silver rarely used for wedding rings, because it can not stand for a very long time. But has a silver wedding rings is uniqueness itself.



Titanium is another long-lasting metal choice. However, titanium is most often used for men’s wedding rings. This is because titanium is one of the most suitable and very popular strong metals chosen by men for wedding rings. Besides titanium is one of the anti-allergic metals, so it’s safe for people who have allergies to a metal.


palladium wedding rings
palladium wedding rings

One other durable metal is palladium. Palladium is the most luxurious type of metal for a ring. Because it has a white color that is natural, durable, lightweight, and resistant to color changes over a long period of time.

So many metals in making rings are usually given diamond additions to enhance their appearance. Therefore we often find diamond wedding rings whatever the band

So, which metal would you choose for a wedding rings?

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